Selwyn Flats

Fire permits are required for all fires on Public Conservation Land other than for an approved campground fire or a fire lit for cooking or warmth. Apply for fire permit (external link)

Fires that do not require a fire permit in a Restricted Fire Season are: 

  • Fires that are lit inside a drum with a lid
  • Fires that have a flue
  • Fires that can be spark arrested
  • Gas cooker or gas barbeque
  • Contained barbeque
  • Stubble or crop residue burns as long as they conform to the required conditions of the Agricultural Crop Residue Burning Code of Practice. 

Note: Under the Canterbury Air Regional Plan, if your property is less than 2 hectares, you can't burn outdoors (unless you're cooking). If your property is 2+ hectares, you can burn outdoors if conditions are met. Anyone undertaking crop residue burning needs a smoke management plan.

Call Environment Canterbury on 0800 324 636 or visit their website (external link)

Selwyn Fire and Emergency
0800 658 628