Note:  A Prohibited Fire Season applies from SH1/SH3 to the coast.

An Open Fire Season applies from SH1/SH3 inland to the boundary of the District. i.e. no fire permits are required.

Fires that do not require a fire permit in a Prohibited Fire Season include:

  • Gas cooker or gas barbeque
  • Charcoal or wood fired BBQ or cooker that full contains all sparks.
  • Pizza Oven with or without a chimney that fully contains all sparks.  Note:  If the oven includes a chimmney, the chimmney must include fine wire mesh (which is replaced annually, as it will burn out).

Fires that require a fire permit include: 

  • Traditional cooking fire (hangi, umu).  Note:  The traditional cooking fire must be attended at all times and means of extinguishing any fire is to be on site.  It is highly unlikely a permit will be declined but additional fire safety measures may be required.   Apply for a Fire Permit (external link)

Fire permits are required for all fires on Public Conservation Land other than for an approved campground fire or a fire lit for cooking or warmth.  Apply for a Fire Permit (external link)

Rangitikei Fire and Emergency 
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