Fires that do not require a fire permit in a Restricted or Prohibited Fire Season are:

    • Gas cooker and gas barbeque
    • Incinerator
    • a compliant outdoor fire device
    • A compliant outdoor fire device and a compliant incinerator must contain all embers and sparks as per the following requirements:

A compliant outdoor fire device must have the following characteristics:

  • Is a permanent fixed structure; and
  • Is constructed of non-combustible materials; and
  • Has a chimney with a spark arrestor fitted and has
    • A non-combustible hearth or base (which can include the ground surrounding the fixed structure) that extends no less than 750 mm forward from the front edge of the fire box and no less than 500 mm from the outside edge of the fire to both sides: and
    • A door to contain burning materials, or a protective grille or barrier across the front of the fire box, with a minimum height of 80 mm to contain burning materials

 A compliant incinerator must have the following characteristics-

  • Is a container made of non-combustible materials: and
  • Is used for burning materials; and
  • Contains all burning materials: and
  • Has a chimney with spark arrester fitted: and
  • Has a grate and lid/door.¬†

all other outdoor fires require a permit.

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