Eastern Opotiki

Large commercial plantation forests and DOC lands still remain “Restricted”. Otherwise, no fire permit is needed to light a fire in open air. However you still need to exercise caution, check the weather and be well prepared before lighting.

Large corporate, commercial, plantation forests still remain in 'restricted' and require a permit to light a fire. Please contact the forest managers to apply for a permit.

All fires intended for land clearing greater than 0.5 hectares will still require a permit (contact details below) 

Fire permits are required for all fires on Public Conservation Land other than for an approved campground fire or a fire lit for cooking or warmth. Apply for a Fire Permit (external link)

Fires that do not require a fire permit in a Restricted or Prohibited Fire Season are: 

  • Gas cooker or gas barbeque

Fire and Emergency 
0800 658 628