Coastal Zone

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Notice is given under Section 56 (1) (b) of the Fire and Emergency New Zealand Act 2017 that an Open Fire Season is declared from midnight FRIDAY 23 FEBRUARY 2018 in the following area (s) until revoked or amended by Fire & Emergency New Zealand in the whole are of the Mid-South Canterbury Rural district from the Rakaia River to the Waitaki River, sea to the Alps.

Under Environment Canterbury's Canterbury Air Regional Plan, if your property is less than 2 hectares, you can't burn outdoors (unless you're cooking). If your property is 2+ hectares, you can burn outdoors if conditions are met. Anyone undertaking crop residue burning needs a smoke management plan, and in the crop residue buffer zone surrounding Timaru and Ashburton a resource consent is also required.

For resource consent and /or Smoke Management Plans, call 
Environment Canterbury. Visit their website (external link)  or call 0800 324 636.

Fire and Emergency 
03 684 1200